Our Green Vision

Recognizing the paramount importance of sustainability in development, We are proud to announce our decision to transform Hollywood Plaza into a carbon-neutral centre. This initiative is a pivotal component of our multimillion-dollar upgrade project, which seeks not only to elevate the shopping experience but also to establish Hollywood Plaza as one of the first carbon-neutral shopping destinations by 2050.

Central to this transformation are several environmentally-conscious measures. These include the installation of 4,000 solar panels, projected to generate 2.4M MWH of electricity, as well as the upgrade of our mechanical air-conditioning systems to utilize the latest R32 refrigerant. This transition to R32 refrigerant will not only significantly reduce energy consumption but also lead to a lower overall environmental impact. Additionally, we are integrating low-energy lighting and water-saving fixtures as part of our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our decision to pursue carbon neutrality reflects our deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being. By aligning with South Australia’s environmental principles, we strive to pave the way for a greener future while enhancing the vitality of our local community and beyond.

Net Zero Sustainability

By adopting some new ESD measures Hollywood Plaza aims to be a Carbon Neutral Shopping Centre by mid 2023.

Co2 Neutral


  • Installation of over 4,000 solar panels.
  • Full mechanical services renewal.
  • Installation of low energy lighting.
  • Waste and water management.


Carbon avoided in the first year is the equivalent to over 160 average homes electricity use or 1,001,236,226 smartphones being charged.

  • System size 1,648kW (1.65MW)
  • 4,070 panels (415w Risen)
  • 24 inverters (SMA)
  • 823,200kg CO2e avoided in year 1

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