Centre Upgrade

Introducing your ‘New Local’.

We’re proud to be a significant part of Salisbury Downs and surrounds. We celebrate our local identity, the people we serve and those who serve them. More than just being located within a defined suburb, we are part of the fabric of the local community. Our new ‘makeover’ is about the coming together of our community, a welcoming and familiar place where friends meet, eat and shop and we can’t wait to bring you along on this exciting journey.

Shopping Centre Make-Over

From banking to bread rolls and healthcare to pet care, whether we’re filling hungry stomachs or wardrobes, Hollywood Plaza is so much more than a shopping centre. It’s a community hub for locals providing for your daily needs.

We are focusing on upgrades to the Centre so that we can make your time spent at Hollywood Plaza pleasurable and inviting whilst also being environmentally responsible, that is, moving towards being a Net Zero shopping centre.


  • New entrances in order to lift the Centre aesthetic appeal and provide a great first impression to customers.
  • Food court upgrade as well as new bathrooms and parents rooms.
  • New child play area outside Jive Café.

Net Zero Sustainability

By adopting some new ESD measures Hollywood Plaza aims to be a Carbon Neutral Shopping Centre by mid 2023.

Co2 Neutral


  • Installation of over 4,000 solar panels.
  • Full mechanical services renewal.
  • Installation of low energy lighting.
  • Waste and water management.


Carbon avoided in the first year is the equivalent to over 160 average homes electricity use or 1,001,236,226 smartphones being charged.

  • System size 1,648kW (1.65MW)
  • 4,070 panels (415w Risen)
  • 24 inverters (SMA)
  • 823,200kg CO2e avoided in year 1

Food Court and Amenities Upgrade

We are giving some much needed love to create a casual, beautiful gathering point for locals and visitors alike in our Food Court area.

It’s the best of both worlds, incorporating both the traditional food court experience with a contemporary look and modern day comforts for our customers.


  • New layout
  • New furniture
  • New LED lighting throughout foodcourt, skylights and amenities to replace existing neons
  • New ceiling treatment
  • Greenery
  • Round seating planters


  • New toilet partitions
  • New wall and floor finishes
  • All new fixtures and fittings
  • New parents rooms

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